“Fake and baseless” PMPC trashes alleged rejection of 10 states

Members of the Provisional Military and Political Council (Photo Courtesy: File/Thessherald)

(Thessherald)—The Provisional Military and Political Council (PMPC) a splinter faction allied to South Sudan’s government has strongly condemned and dismissed as ‘Fake News‘ a report published by the Sudans Post on Wednesday, alleging that the leadership of the PMPC had rejected the country’s return to its former 10 states.

“Provisional Military and Political Council ( PMPC ) led by Maj. Gen. James Ochan Puot Buop fully supported the decision made on the 14th of February 2020 by the presidency that returned the Republic of South Sudan to ten states and three administrative areas of Abei, Ruweng and Greater Pibor,” said Brig. Gen. Paul Puok Kang, Acting Head of Provisional Military and Political Council (PMPC).

Puok pointed out that the PMPC has already been an integral part of the government, and therefore there is absolutely no reason for it to discord and oppose a decision taken by the presidency.

“The PMPC dismissed the statement posted by The Sudans Post that PMPC had rejected the presidency’s decision of returning the country to ten state plus three administrative areas. PMPC was already part of the government since September 22nd. There is no reason that we should move in parallel manner with government which we are already part of it. Any decision made by the government is ours.”

The group criticised the online news media  for reporting unconfirmed reports without validating the sources of the news.

“PMPC was the first faction to Welcome the decision and congratulated the presidency for the bold decision. Therefore, the claim posted by Sudans Post is “Baseless and Unfounded”. I do believe that this media outlet the so— called Sudan’s Post is pro- SPLM/A-IO’s. This media outlet has been reporting news stories with no reliable sources. If it continues reporting false news like that, it will be regarded as a fake media outlet with no legal binding reporting system.”

However, the statement said that the return of the country to 10 states and three administrative regions was not a popular demand of the population but rather a step taken as a compromise in the interests of peace and stability.

“The decision of reverting the country to ten states was not a popular calls by the people of South Sudan but for the sake of peace, stability and unity among the people, the presidency sees it necessary. PMPC openheartedly welcomed it. PMPC as part and parcel of government fully supported the presidency’s decision for the sake of peace and unity in our country.”

“The war that we are ending today in our country was not caused by the issue of states rather it was caused by political wrangling with in SPLM party. It was Dr. Riek Machar that brought up the issue of state into this crisis by creating twenty one ( 21 ) states in SPLM/A- IO controlled areas”

“Had it not been Riek Machar creating twenty one states, H. E. Salva Kiir Mayardit would not have created twenty eight and thirty two states respectively.”

“As it was not the fundamental cause of this war, the decision of returning the country to ten states and three other administrative areas has been welcomed by PMPC fully in Maiwut and all areas under its control.”

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