China’s statement on combating Covid-19 and its citizens quarantined in Kenya

Chinese and Kenyan embedded flags Photo: Chinese /Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya

Press statement,

February 27, 2020 (Thessherald)– 1. Briefing on COVID-19 cases in China According to China’s National Health Commission and the State Council inter-agency task force, the latest development of COVID-19 in China’s mainland is as follows: (1) Feb 26 saw 24 newly confirmed cases excluding Hubei Province.

(2) In Hubei Province, 409 newly confirmed cases were reported, and 2,288 more patients have been cured and discharged from hospitals.

(3) As of 24:00 on Feb 26 (Beijing Time), 78,497 confirmed cases have been reported, including 32,495 cured cases and 2,744 fatalities.

  1. Regarding some of the Concerns on China Southern Airlines passengers (1) According to clinical findings, most Covid-19 cases show symptoms of fever, so body temperature is a common indicator used in traveler health surveillance. (2) During the epidemic, passengers of the China Southern Airlines flight to Nairobi, before coming into Kenya, have to go through at least 5 times of screening, which happen before they enter the airport of departure, before they board the plane, during their travel, before getting off the plane and entering the boarder of Kenya. Same measures have been taken for the passengers arriving on Feb 26. (3) During the epidemic, China Southern Airlines collects passenger information including contacts and address, with which the Ministry of Health and the Embassy will be able to trace and check on the passengers.
  2. How are the Chinese nationals quarantined
  3. (1) 14-day self-quarantine is one of China’s epidemic prevention and control experiences and has been proved very effective in China. (2) The Embassy has repeatedly informed all Chinese companies and diaspora groups in Kenya of the 14-day self-quarantined requirement, and this has become commonly accepted among the Chinese community.

The Chinese companies and diaspora groups are mobilized to make arrangements for the self-isolation, supervise and assist those Chinese nationals in quarantine with daily necessities.

(3) The Embassy is keeping close watch on all the Chinese nationals coming into Kenya. For the Chinese passengers on the China Southern Airlines flight arriving on Feb 26, the Embassy has reached 52 of them who have been in quarantine upon arrival at their living places, and we will check the rest of the passengers tomorrow on Feb 28. Moreover, the Embassy has emphasized that random and unexpected visits will be made by the Ministry of Health and the Embassy and all of them should stay wherever they are for at least 14 days.

(4) The Embassy will continue to update the Ministry of Health every Monday and Thursday on the information of the quarantined and those released after 14 days.

(5)The Embassy appreciates the efforts of the Ministry of Health and will continue to work closely with the Ministry to prevent importation of COVID-19 into Kenya.


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