PMPC accuses SPLM/A-IO of planning attacks on its forces

(Thessherald)–The Provisional Military and Political Council (PMPC), a breakaway faction allied to the government has accused a group of armed men from the Gajiok community of planning to launch an attack against PMPC forces and the civilian population in the area.

In a statement extended to The South Sudan Herald on Saturday, the leadership of the Provisional Military and Political Council accused senior SPLA-IO commanders of being behind all this warfare.

“As we have received reports from multiple sources on the ground, we are fully aware that the SPLM/A-IO is mobilizing armed men from Gajiok to launch attacks against our forces,” said the PMPC in a brief statement.

“The attackers are now in Malual heading towards Yieth- Yier.”

The group pointed an accusing finger at two commanders of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army – IO, for failing to honor the agreement and inciting more violence between the Gajaak communities.

“After we signed the agreement on February 11, 2020, we were supposed to strictly abide by the permanent ceasefire, but it’s now obvious that General Khor Chuol and Koang Ruot Luach are not happy to see peace prevail in the area,” the statement added.

PMPC is a splinter group headed by Major General James Ochan Puot, a high-ranking commander, who was
deputy commander of the SPLA-IO’s 5th Infantry Division.

Earlier this month, the two warring parties signed an agreement and committed to halting violence that has so far claimed lives and displaced the population.

“[We’re] convinced that any practice of dividing our people on the basis of clan-ism and hatred for the purpose of acquiring a political status is unacceptable, and that political issues should be resolved without first pitting communities against one another, Hereby Resolved the following,” the document signed by both parties partly reads.

“By signing these resolutions, we, the Parties, declare a permanent ceasefire to be immediately observed throughout Adar/Maiwut State,” the joint statement further said.

According to that agreement, the parties were obligated to immediately stop the fighting, allow reorganization, screening, training and reunification of forces to take place with immediate effect.

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