MPs fall asleep on the job after receiving 10 million dollars from Kiir’s office

(Thessherald)–South Sudan’s legislators have not recently focused on their work after they received a medical budget totaling 10 million dollars from the government, an independent newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Last week, the office of the President reportedly instructed the Ministry of Finance to release a large sum of money totaling $ 10 million in cash for health insurance for 400 lawmakers.

The move angered members of the public and accused President Kiir and senior government officials of enriching a few individuals and misusing public funds that could be used for other useful purposes.

Corruption allegations in South Sudan

South Sudan has been ranked twice this year as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

According to an in-dept report released by the Transparency International’s 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), South Sudan is ranked as the second-most corrupt nation in the report with Syria, Yemen and Venezuela making up the bottom five of the CPI report.

It was also ranked the most corrupt country in East Africa followed by Burundi.

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  • Thomas Bithow

    Look here South Sudanese, it is really unfortunate that the government is not supporting the training of IO in contonment cites. Many of them are dropping out due the lack of financial support from the government. Where did the government get that 10 million USD? Do you think that the government is doing the right thing. I am really sorry for South Sudanese that Almighty God selects for us selfish leaders who cares only their own position.

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