SPLM-IO’s commanders urge Machar to appoint Oyet as E. Equatoria State’s governor

Gen. Nathaniel Oyet Perino /Photo: File

(Thessherald)–Senior opposition commanders have written to First Vic-President Dr. Riek Machar, asking for the appointment of Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Oyet Perino as Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, citing that he’s the only capable leader with exemplary leadership that can unit communities and forces on the ground.

“First of all, Congratulations and thanks to you for having been appointed, as the First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan. With great honor and salutation, permit us to address the above reference as the matter of concern in our control Eastern Equatoria State. This evening of Friday dated 6th March, 2020, SPLA-IO Tafeng division of Sector 09 senior commanders and officers held a final meeting on the nomination of a Governor for Eastern Equatoria State.”

“We under signed firmly agreed that, Maj.Gen. Nathaniel Oyet Perino to be appointed as the Governor of Eastern Equatoria State with the reason given; He has been actively fighting, suffering in the bushes, running the affairs of the former Imatong State very well. He was and still the only Governor who works and will continue working with our forces closely and cannot be easily bribed by any person.”

The senior commanders of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army – IO pointed out that since he hails from Magwi, and the fact that no one has ever been appointed from that area, it could also be an advantage for the movement.

“There is also an advantage of him becoming a Governor for Eastern Equatoria State, because he held from Magwi County and since then, no Governor was appointed from that area except for our people’s Movement and wanted him to continue serving our people in Eastern Equatoria State with the spirit of our movement.”

The military leaders emphasized that at this very moment, there is a need to appoint an active and flexible leader who understands the needs of his communities and forces on the ground and sets their priorities.

“As we all know, this time needs a military Governor who understands the suffering of the forces on the ground and/5 ready to cooperate in making sure our state is secured, peaceful, developed so as to win the hearts of our people as preparing them for the next election. Once again, we want to assure you of our full support to your leadership and ready to fulfill our vision and mission.”

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