A message for the Naath or Nuär-4

By Reat Nhial Tuany
SPLM-IO Chairman Dr. Riek Machar Teny/ Photo: File

(Thessherald)– You were quick to condemn the people of Maiwut when rogue soldiers in the SPLM-IO army attacked the civilians which caused unimaginable displacement of women and children during the swamp season of 2019. Rather than standing with the vulnerable masses, you were sheering the cowardice brutality. As one of the senior officials at the time, I was the first to oppose the army within the SPLMIO circle and condemned the invasion of Maiwut in a press release.

My point was that, civilians of CIEWAW/WADU were innocent. However, due to ineffective planning and weak policies of Dr. Riek Machar, my concerns fell on deaf ears. As a result, I tendered my resignation letter to the Chairman of the SPLMIO, followed by the public resignation letter with other officials from the SPLM-IO to be in solidarity with the aggrieved community.

The defection of an hero, a well respected man, and fearless on the front lines Lt. General ‘CDR’ Koang Chuol Ranley, Former D/Chief of Staff for Administration is a testament of a rotten system that is on life support, riddled with an incurable virus like the Covid 19.

During the peak of hostilities, various sections of N4 were defiant and condemned PMPC led by Maj. Gen. James Ochan Puot Buop for protecting the civilians. He was called all kind of names for joining an alliance with the government. Some were saying that he betrayed the Nuer on the side of the SPLM-IO. The truth to that, he was giving protection and survival of a community against a well armed notorious Division 5.

I wonder if the Naath or Nuär will do the same to CDR and his army generals after declaring to join government army. Are you going to call them betrayers and sellouts? Didn’t we learn something? I believe today news is the beginning of an imminent collapse and disintegration of a once formidable opposition army. It is time to wake up Naath Nuär4 and diagnose the source of the virus.

The writer is a senior member of the defunct Provisional Military and Political Council and former SPLM-IO representative to Nigeria. He can be reached via his email at tuany2tuany@gmail.com