NAS sympathizes with citizens as COVID-19 wreaks havoc around the world

(Thessherald)– The National Salvation Front, a rebel faction led by Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka, has sent a message of solidarity, sympathizing with the people of South Sudan at this critical juncture as the coronavirus has become a life-threatening threat to humanity around the world.

“The Leadership of The National Salvation Front stands in solidarity with you at this critical time in the history of humanity. As you are all aware, the world is facing the challenge of a serious infection called Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the opposition group said.

“The virus has now claimed many lives and has created panic in the whole world. This particular disease, which started in China in December, 2019 has now spread and affected many countries,” NAS added.

The rebel group stressed that, it is unfortunate that the current situation comes at a time when the entire country lacks health-care services as a result of the conflict.

“It can therefore affect any one of us. The World 1–lealth Organization (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus as a pandemic; meaning it is a disease that has spread worldwide. Sadly, this situation finds you abandoned without any healthcare services. Your resources are not being used for your wellbeing. You have been robbed of your basic rights and dignity.”

“I would therefore urge all the citizens of South Sudan whether inside the towns in the country, in the rural areas, Protection of Civilians (PoCs) sites, and refugee camps in the neighbouring countries to exercise vigilance and remain calm as you confront this pandemic. I call on you to maintain your resilience and take personal responsibility to keep healthy and overcome this situation in the absence of a people- focused leadership.”

Even though you lack the very basics of life at this critical time, I wish to share with you the following basic information and precautions based on World Health Organization (WHO) and NAS health specialists’ advice so as to help protect yourselves and your families from the Coronavirus:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water whenever you can even with the meagre resources.
  2. Avoid physical contact with one another by not shaking hands and/or embracing.
  3. Apply social distancing; meaning maintain a distance of at least one (1) meter between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
  4. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose ofthe tissue immediately
  5. All social gathering like weddings and sporting events should be postponed.
  6. Places of worship where there is crowding should also be avoided.
  7. Avoid unnecessary movements particularly in public transport including aeroplanes.
  8. Report to the nearest health facility if you have symptoms like cough, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, high fever and unusual tiredness. Maintain social distance with those who have the symptoms mentioned above.
  9. Take good care ofthe elderly amongst you, they are the most vulnerable.
  10. Stay informed and follow advice ofyour healthcare personnel
    As part of the efforts to confront the spread of the Coronavirus, I do hereby issue the following directives:
  11. The NAS Medical Corp, medical doctors and health personnel of the National Salvation Front are directed to provide the necessary public health awareness and healthcare with special attention to our remote areas and villages.
  1. The NAS Information Committee and all the information organs of the Movement must immediately embark on awareness programmes to the people of South Sudan using all forms of the media to prevent and curb the spread ofthe pandemic.
  2. NAS information organs are further directed to continuously update the people of South Sudan on the state of the pandemic to give accurate and reliable reports to the people.