“No one is above the law”, the case of Justice Chan Reech and President Kiir

By Gabriel Kuot Akok

The President of the Republic, H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit presides over swearing-in of Ministers, governors of Akobo & Twic, and Deputy governor of Central Bank of South Sudan / Photo: PPU

(Thessherald)–Earlier March 2020, president Kiir issued orders directing airport officials and health workers to check any new travellers upon their arrival to Juba International Airport without exception as to social, economic, political, age, sex and colour.

Few days after the issuance of the order, some new appointed national ministers who just flown into the country were isolated for 14 days without accessing their offices and the families. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is among the isolated dignitaries but they didn’t complain.

Recently the sons of Chief Justice Chan Reech Madut reacted negatively over the medical screening in the airport upon their arrival from UK claiming that they are Cronavirus free and so there is no need for test.

Over the legal measures taken against those lost boys, the father who is also untouchable chief justice of Supreme Court intervened and instructed the security apparatus to leave them without test.

H.E. Kiirdit also issued another order banning the public gathering that include churches, schools among others due to the fear of COVID 19 without any excuses but within some few days, he himself violated the order by attending the installation of a new political archbishop in St. Theresa Church at Kator on Sunday March 22, 2020 meanwhile there were unaccountable ceremonies being cancelled due to the effectiveness of the order.

This shows that the orders and the laws are made for specific groups of people that exclude president and chief justice given the above stated reasons.

I don’t understand well whether Cronavirus and other pandemic diseases don’t affect the sons of elites, ( the first class citizen as they do claim). It’s sad.

What if those boys who were freed without thorough medical check are affected? How safe will be the third class citizens? God will not even bother to help those whom their leaders wish to die unconditionally because it’s well stipulated in the bible that God helps those who help themselves.

In actual fact, we are not well protected from COVID 19 and other diseases. It is taken for joke in South Sudan compare to the other countries in Africa in particular and the world at large.
Imagine the borders of South Sudan specifically at the side of Sudan, Ethiopia and Congo are very open to the extend that the affected person can enter into the country freely since the government is not doing enough to ensure that the territory is well sieged.

Furthermore, apart from the orders issued by the president, he formed an High Level Task Committee to take extra precautionary measures in combating the spread of Cronavirus in South Sudan . The president made himself to be the head of this committee in spite the fact that he is layman in medicine.
President has been trying to aware his people all this time to avoid public gathering but today Sunday, he permitted and attended the church services. Is it not contradictory?
How effective is the order ? What if there were an affected person among the congregation?

How possible is the prevention of Corona after that Church services?

Is it important for churches, schools and other public places to be avoided anymore after massive number gathered at St. Theresa on sunday March 22, 2020?

Enacting the laws and violate them at the same time kills, the case of Majier Gai. It’s only my country South Sudan where I get anti-laws, the one who is supposed to respect the law more than laymen. This is what is called impunity and abuse of power and authority that Chan Reech and Kiirdit are doing and they must be held accountable for it now or later.

God have mercy on us!!!

This is my personal opinion as a concern citizen and it doesn’t represent any institution. The author is the Graduate of Law and can be reached via email address gabrielkuot28@gmail.com

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