‘Pray at home’ Chief bishop directs churches, colleges to close over COVID-19

(Thessherald)–In the wake of the spreading pandemic virus, The Most Rev. Dr. Justin Badi Arama, Primate of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and The Metropolitan Bishop of Juba Diocese on Tuesday issued directives, urging all Christians to conduct prayers indoors on Sundays.

“Dear fellow servants and Christians, Lent greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,” said the religious leader in a press release.

“With reference to the presidential statement on coronavirus and the directives given by the Ministry of Health in regards to preventive measures and how to minimise the infection and spread of the coronavirus amongst our population, we hereby give the following directives to the Church,” the statement added.

“On Sundays, all Christians should remain at home and pray from home with their own families until we get directives from the government that it is safe to congregate again.”

The religious leader directed churches and colleges to honor President Kiir’s directives on the prevention the spread of coronavirus.

“All Church schools and colleges are to be immediately closed until further notice.”

“Only Bishops, pastors, Lay Readers and Evangelists should continue to keep the light of prayers burning daily in the Churches to intercede for God’s mercy and protection upon the people of South Sudan.”

He called on the citizens to strictly follow the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health.

“We must all follow the preventive measures given by the Ministry of Health. S. Although the Cotonavirus has disabled our fellowships, social life and physical touch, we should continue to touch each other’s hearts with words of encouragements and prayer through phone calls.”

The head of the Episcopal Church underscored the pandemic virus might be a sign of a warning from God, telling us to repent of our sins.

“All what is happening could be that God is telling us to repent, humble ourselves in prayer, fasting, and reconcile with God and one another to cement peace in our nation. O Lord have mercy, hear our prayers and proietyour people.”

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