S. Sudan to benefit from $100 million emergency funds to avert COVID-19: US

(Thessherald)–To effectively contain the global pandemic virus, the United States government has announced that South Sudan is going be one of the recipient countries that will receive $ 100 million from the US Agency for International Development’s Emergency Reserve Fund.

“Hello, This is Tom Hushek speaking to you from the U.S. Embassy in Juba.
In this difficult time where our entire global community is affected by COVID-19, we recognize the importance of collective and coordinated action to combat this pandemic,” said the US diplomat, Tom Hushek.

The official stressed that based on the health guidelines recommended by the United States and South Sudan, there is an urgent need to keep those preventive measures.

“Self-quarantine, as recommended by both the U.S. and South Sudan governments for those who have traveled through higher-risk areas, is one of many actions people can take to help limit the potential spread of COVID-19.”

Adding that, “Those of our staff that have recently returned to South Sudan – including our USAID Mission Director – are following those recommendations.

“Other important steps include staying home if you are sick, practicing social distancing, limiting physical contact, and of course frequent hand washing.”

The US said it will continue to partner with the unity government to implement those measures.

“In partnership with the government and citizens of South Sudan, we are taking action to ensure the health and safety of our mission staff and our partners. We recognize that this is a disease that does not recognize borders and we must all work together to strengthen prevention.”

“The U.S. government is taking extraordinary steps to help prevent the spread of the disease around the world. Since February 7, the U.S. government announced $100 million from USAID’s Emergency Reserve Fund to address the COVID 19 pandemic.”

Washington said the funding be used for supporting to support countries most affected by the disease.

“These funds will be used for critical interventions in developing countries affected or at high-risk for the COVID 19 outbreak, including South Sudan.

“The United States is the global leader in public health assistance with $9.5 billion appropriated in 2019 to support international public health and more than $100 billion committed over the last 20 years to support public health on the African continent. Together, we will get through this global challenge!.”