Breaking: Hon. Dak Duop, other top SPLM/A-IO officials resign, join Kiir administration

April 16, 2020 (Thessherald)–A group of senior SPLM/A-IO officials led by the former Minister of Petroleum, Hon. Dak Duop Bichiok has resigned from the leadership of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – IO and joined the coalition government under President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

In a statement extended to The South Sudan Herald on Thursday, the senior officials accused Machar of mismanaging the movement and appointing his immediate family members to top positions.

“Today, it has been six years since the establishment of the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement In-opposition (SPLMIO) in Nasir on the 16h April 2014, It is to be noted that SPLMIO is not an ideologically driven political Party where members would choose to join. Instead, its formation was necessitated by the war.”

“The war imposed the need to have a political organization under which the resistant could be weighed, In 2015, SPLMIO started to establish itself as a political party with vision, mission, and political program,” the group said in its statement.

Adding that, “As a result, it acquired governing instruments such as the Constitution, Manifesto, Internal Rules and Regulations, and Code of Conduct. As the Movement transited to political party, the membership of the Party expected it to be run In accordance with its governing instruments.”

The top political figures pointed an accusing finger at opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar for practicing nepotism in the movement.

“This has never been the case. As time goes by, the Party has been turned into family dynasty where the Chairman and his family runs it like a personal property. The functions of important organs like poiitical Bureau and National Liberation Council has been rendered irrelevant.”

The ten officials blamed the head of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – IO, Machar, for running the movement alone with impunity.

“The Chairman single handedly manages the affairs of the with impunity. Including taking it to prson bim in South Africa.

The officials outlined a number of reasons that led to their defection to the government.

Furthermore, even though members have been defecting from SPLMIO at different times, the reasons for defection have more or less been the same.

• The Chairman often marginalizes his collesgues in major decisions which have serious bearing on the direction of the Movement and the country.

• He often grasps influential positions and resources through praxies.

• He has been empowering himself and his family with resources of the movement, at the expense of the entire membership of the Movement.

• The Chairman and his wife’s lust for power and resources is squarely responsible for disharmony in the Movement. Therefore, as peace returns to the country, and, in absence of political leadership in the SPLMIO, we the under signed, including our supporters, have concluded that politically we have nothing in common with the Chairman, Hence, we have decided not to sit by and to condone fulfilment of personal aspiration such as wealth accumulation which seems to be the vision. As a result, we have decided to resign and to join President Salva Kiir in the implementation of the Peace Agreement.

• To the citizens of South Sudan, particularly members of the SPLMIO, we are here to tell you that war has ended. The peace has come back to the country. It is the reason the Chairman and other ministers on SPLMIO docket took part in Government under President Salva Kiir. All citizens of South Sudan should now go back to their normal life, in order to rebuild their lives. No one should accept to be held hostage, or to be used as a bargaining chip by politicians with ill intentions. Whether you are in POCS or in Refugee Camps, we encourage you to come home, and to start rebuilding your life.

• Finally, we took this decision because we believe Peace has come. Every citizen should go about doing what pleases them. We believe politic is a team game which should only be played by “like minds”, We strongly felt in different with the way the Chairman runs the SPLMIO, We see no direction or vision. That’s why we have decided to resign, it is our right.
• Therefore, as we respect the right of those who chose to remain with SPLMIO, we expect our rights to be respected.

Sign on behalf of supporting members. Full Name Signature Position

  1. Hon. Dak Duop Bichiok
  2. Amb. Dobuol Lualweng Fmr Member of Political Bureau Fmr National Secretary, External Relations Fmr National Secretary, Humanitarian Affairs
  3. Hon. Yien Thiang Luony
  4. Hon. Thomas Maluit Hoth Fmr Member National Liberation Council
  5. Comrade. John Guec Dak Fmr Member, National Liberation Council
  6. Chan Abdalla Fmr Chairman of SPLMIO Youth League, Suda
  7. Cde. Dr. James Chan Fmr Member
  8. Cde. Martha Nyakim Thiang Fmr Member 9. Cde. Rita Papiti Kur Fmr Member
  9. Cde. Duong Peter Gatkuoth Gual Fmr Member

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