Nairobi: SPLM-IO former members welcome Hon. Dak Duop’s recent defection, pledge their allegiance to gov’t

Press Statement


April 18, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM-IO) which was established on the 16th April 2014 in Nasir after the war broke out in South Sudan in December 2013, was initially founded on truth, clear objectives, mission and vision and purpose.

The movement which then became a political party in 2015 became well known to the South Sudanese in and outside the country and gained many people’s trust which was shown in the huge support they demonstrated across the globe. “VIVA-IO-VIVA” was the chant that was heard across the different parts of the country, especially the SPLM/A-IO controlled areas within South Sudan; a party of choice and vision it was.

The vision and mission, clear objectives and the purpose on which the movement was founded as outlined in the SPLM-IO constitution started fading especially when the party was almost achieving its goal. Many high profile politicians and military generals started losing hope on the vision of the party as seen in mass defections that have been happening.
Without further ado, in regards to press statement that was read out in Juba, South Sudan as per the letter dated 16th April 2020, bearing the subject:

“Resignation from The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-in Opposition (SPLM-IO)”

-We the former members of SPLM-IO in Nairobi, on this 18th day of April 2020, would like to make it known not only to the members of the Nuer Community across the globe but also to the South Sudanese at large that we welcome with open arms the decision taken by the recent defectors from SPLM-IO led by Hon. Dak Duop Bichiok and the team and pledge to give our support whenever needed.

The decision comes after members realized that the objectives and the purpose that made us to support the aforementioned political party cannot be achieved. The cause seems to have been forgotten and the party has been turned into an enterprise with well-known beneficiaries. The chairman has on several occasions ignored the concerns of his inner circle; those that have been loyal to and fought with him since day one.

Some of the loyalists have been dumped and replaced with those who were never heard of nor did anything for the movement during the struggle but were awarded heavily during the harvest.

These among other myriad reasons have convinced the members that the vision will not be achieved since the top leadership cannot contain the inner circle.

In addition, we all know that peace has been signed and implemented in South Sudan and therefore all signatories to the R-ARCISS fall under the same government. It is therefore worth noting that every citizen has the right to choose the political party of their choice for whatever reason that suits them best.

May God bless South Sudan.
Thank you.

Signed under the hands of:

  1. Lul Kir Deng- Former SPLM-IO Coordination Office Information Secretary-Nairobi, Acting Chairman of Nuer Community Association in Kenya.
  2. Simon Bachuch Lam- Nuer Sport and Culture Chairman in Kenya.
  3. Okuor Koat Gach- Deputy Chairman of Gaajaak Community Association in Kenya. 4. Thok Bidit Deng- Secretary General –Lou Nuer Community Asssociation in Kenya.
  4. Mamuch John Jock- Information Secretary- Lou Nuer community Association in Kenya.
  5. Jimme kir Guichwang- Ulang County Chairman in Kenya.
  6. Nyakuoth Stephen Chiech- Deputy Chairlady- Chie-Nyalieth Association in Kenya.
  7. Peter Bachuch Muon- Chairman of Eastern Jikany Nuer Community Association-Kenya.
  8. Mun Gony Guandong- Former member of SPLM-IO
  9. Buay Kapduel Buol-Managing Director of The South Sudan Herald

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