Former PMPC trashes ‘turmoil’ alleged by SSNN, warns against ‘unethical reporting’

Members of the Provisional Military and Political Council (Photo Courtesy: File/Thessherald)

April 19, 2020 (Thessherald)– The leadership of the defunct Provisional Military and Political Council, (PMPC) has dismissed and trashed the turmoil alleged by a local news website, South Sudan News Now, claiming that there’s an ongoing political ‘turmoil’ and wrangling between PMPC’s senior officials over leadership and financial issues.

“On behalf of the leadership of the former PMPC, I would like to denounce and dismiss the unfounded and baseless information published by SSNN, claiming that there has been a persistent political turmoil within the defunct PMPC leadership,” said Buom Gatdet Gach, a member of the former splinter faction, PMPC.

“The report published by this site [SSNN] is completely unfounded and does not carry any concrete evidence that should indicate or support their investigations and also if they were to be professional journalists, they should have contacted the other side to confirm whether it’s true or not,” he added.

“Our leadership under Major General James Ocean Puot is strong enough and capable of resolving any internal political disputes that arise,” the statement said.

Speaking to The South Sudan Herald this afternoon, a senior official of then PMPC dismissed the allegations making rounds on social media about the political wrangling and urged the local media to desist from ‘Unethical Media Reporting.’

“This is absolutely unethical reporting, in Journalism there’s something called “Balance and Fairness” that means a professional journalist must thrive for accuracy and neutrality and provide concrete evidence when investigating uncovered issues. We urge them to desist from publishing sensational news stories,” said one of the senior officials of the defunct PMPC who preferred not to be mentioned.

The official pointed out that there may be a few individuals eyeing political positions within the leadership or elsewhere, and if they fail to get what they were expecting, they can resort to holding grudges against the leadership.

“There might be some individual running position based on their personal interest and gain, but those should not [be]recognized by the leadership as well as the community at large.”

Finally, the leadership of the former Provisional Military and Political Council welcomes the decision made by the former Minister of Petroleum, Hon. Dak Duop Bichiok for abandoning the SPLM-IO that has turned into what they described a ‘family dynasty.’

“The leadership has also welcomed the right decision made by Hon. Dak Duop Bichiok , and hopefully his decision will bring an end to the ongoing violence in and around Gajaak areas.”

The statement urges members of the general public not to rely on fake news stories aimed at drawing attention and discrediting the government.

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