‘Stay away from SPLM-IO internal affairs,’ top SPLM-IO official urges Nuer communities

April 20, 2020 (Thessherald)–A senior official of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-IO, Duer Tut Duer has criticized Nuer communities for involving in the movement’s politics and internal affairs by condemning those who recently defected to the government.

In a statement he posted on his social media account, Hon. Duer faulted Nuer communities for their deep involvement in politics more than community issues.

“SPLM-IO is not a communal organization. Defections from the SPLM-IO should be condemned by the SPLM-IO Leadership and not by Communities or by Community Leaders.”

He stressed that the latest defections of the SPLM-IO members should have been condemned by the leadership and not by local communities or elders.

“The Secretary General and the Spokesperson of the SPLM-IO are the ones to condemn the defections after consultation with the Chairman.”

Duer stated that recent rifts between senior officials were caused by elders’ involvement in the internal affairs of the movement.

“Nuer Communities are neither behind the wrong unilateral decisions which cause the defections, nor behind the defections of the SPLM-IO members.”

“Let us not try to create divisions amongst Nuer Communities by involving them in the inernal political differences within the Movement. Let us play our political games in the political play ground and not in the Nuer Community.”

“Although I doubt, let us hope there will be no more defections after the appointment of the State Governors and the Members of the Transitional National Assembly and the Council of States,” Duer concluded.

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