NPTC guests face eviction from Palm Africa Hotel over unpaid bills of up to $ 1 million

April 21, 2020 (Thessherald)–The management of Palm Africa Hotel has sent a letter of notification to the Chairman of the National Pre-Transitional Committee (NPTC), Hon. Tut Gatluak, asking him to settle outstanding bills of more than $ 1 million to avoid possible eviction of 38 NPTC guests.

“Dear Hon, Greetings from Palm Africa Hotel, it should be recalled that by the request of NPTC, Palm Africa Hotel has accommodated 38 NPTC guests since 2016, up to date – April 2020 without payment of the bills,” the statement said.

The hotel management explained that in spite of numerous attempts requesting the NPTC to pay the unsettled bills, there was no official feedback from the NPTC office.

“Despite our repeated call on the NPTC to settle the outstanding bills, NPTC has not fully honored its part of the obligation. The outstanding hotel accommodation bill of 38 NPTC members from 12 months now amounts to USD 1,999,580 (one million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand five hundred elghty USD), covering the period till April 21, 2020.”

“Due to inflation, high uncollectable, poor condition of rooms, restaurants and low volume of business at the moment, Palm Africa Hotel is no longer in a position to sustain the number of NPTC guests staying with us and we are running the business at low standards due to poor maintenance.”

In light of all the aforementioned reasons, the management of the hotel said it would not be in a position to continue to accommodate more NPTC officials.

“We regret to inform you that the hotel ta unable to sustain the entire 38 guests now. Therefore, w request the 32 guests reallocated to another destination by the 30 April 2020. We can only be able to accommodate 6 (six) rooms only due to their critical duties to the government. We wish you to note that the Hotel has tried to be considerate, patient and handled financial hardship internally without causing inconvenience to the guests with the hope that the outstanding bills would be timely settled but with no avall.”

“We appeal to the NTC to understand our predicament and take action without further delay.”

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