Gajaak communities set to convene reconciliation meetings soon

From right to left, Gen. Khor Chuol Giet and Gen. Luel Kueth /Photo collage: File/ Thessherald

April 25, 2020 (Thessherald)–Members of the Gajaak communities are expected to hold a reconciliation meeting, which is scheduled to bring together representatives from all sub-clans of the Gajaak community – According to a member of the peace committee, the move is aimed at ending months-long intercommunal violence and differences between 6 communities.

Thokhat Nhial, one of the peace ambassadors confirmed in a statement that they had held separate important meetings with community elders and military commanders in Zinki and Malual Gahoth respectively.

“Dear brothers and sisters, yesterday, we held very important meetings, one was [convened] in Zinke and chaired by Gen. Luel Kueth and Pal Tut Gach.”

“The other one was [held] in Malual Gahoth and was chaired by Gen. Khor Chuol and Duach Rut. The meeting included high-ranking military officers, Waw community leaders, payams’ acting Directors, community elders, Church leaders and intellectuals were present in the meetings. The meetings included all Gajaak subsections’ representatives.”

He pointed out that the participants agreed to hold a combined meeting as a matter of urgency so that the feuding communities should halt violence and live their normal lives as they used to be.

“Both meetings were concluded that a general meeting should soon be arranged, and we shall go to our normal situation.”

He noted that the second meeting that was scheduled to take place in Jekow did not succeed as the participants were not informed ahead of time.

“In addition, the meeting in Jekow was not conducted because the invited participants did not get the information on time. And therefore, today the Jekow meeting will be conducted and the date of combine meeting will be setted also. God is a head of this peace, let’s us all be a part of this peace initiative,” he pleads with the Gajaak communities.

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