Breaking: Gajaak communities reconcile, agree to de-escalate violence with immediate effect

May 3, 2020 (Thessherald)–An ad hoc committee formed to bring peace and stability between Gajaak communities has held a 3-day reconciliation meeting in Nyinenyang, an area located in Gambella, one of Ethiopia’s 9 regional states.

The General Meeting held on May 2, 2020 brought together elders and 45 religious leaders who had spent more than 20 days reconciling communities in an effort to restore peace and tranquility in the area

In a press statement, the group’s spokesperson, Thokhat Nhial Lual, commended the positive role played by the Ethiopian government, particularly the Gambella Regional Administration Council for ensuring that peace prevails in the area.

“We congratulate [the] Gambella Regional Administration Council for delegating some of its senior officials to organize the meeting along with Nuer Nation Zone administration officials led by H.E. Joseph Mut Thok on purpose to make this meeting a success.”

“We appreciate the presence of all the participants of the peace initiative who have attended the 3-day meeting in Nuer Nation Zone and congratulate them for making reconciliation efforts in Jiokow.”

Special thank goes to the following groups:

*Fund Raising Committee,

* 45 pastors who have spent 22 days in Jiokow,

* Community elders from five woredas,

*Church leaders who have 22 days in Jiokow woreda,

* All well-wishers from the Nuer in the Diaspora who have contributed to this peace initiative.

Regarding the results of the reconciliation meeting, we first thank God for making us reach a final consensus.

Therefore, the parties agreed to reconcile each other and consented to the following Resolutions:

• Cattle-rustling:
–Bring to an end criminalized cattle raiding.

• Ambush

— Stop roadside ambushes and senseless killings with immediate effect.

• Looting:
–Immediately halt incidents of looting and malicious damage of property.

• Misinformation and Hate Speech:
Hearsays which fuel conflicts among the communities should be discouraged.

• Urgent return of civilians:
Displaced communities are encouraged to return to their homes.

• Alcohol prohibited!

– All factory-made alcoholic beverages delivered to villages must be stopped accordingly.

• Border Entry Laws

—International laws between states shall be respected, and if violated, such a criminal shall be judged according to the laws of the host country.

• Free Movements of civilians

– The civilian population is hereby allowed to move freely without any restrictions.

• Proliferation of small forearms is prohibited:

–The increasing number of civilians carrying firearms has been fuelling crimes and is hereby stopped.

• De-escalation of violence

– All warring forces stationed in Jiokow and Zinki, South Sudan must remain in their respective areas.

• Temporary Protection Forces

– Temporary Protection Forces shall be deployed in Nguangkea, Ethiopia.

Paramilitary Forces Disbandment

— Local youth groups should be avoided and disbanded urgently.

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  • It’s with great pleasure to see peace back to Gaatjaak community. Congratulations to peace committee, pastors, other church leaders, community leaders and government officials for reaching a peaceful resolution. Many thanks to Gambella government for supporting peace initiative.

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