SPLM-IO’s top official criticizes Machar’s leadership style

May 6, 2020 (Thessherald)–A senior member of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – IO, Duer Tut Duer has criticized the leadership of the SPLM-IO under Dr. Riek Machar for failing to address the movement’s internal issues.

“SPLM-IO has never been a bad organization, but the Political leadership of the SPLM-IO has been a bad Leadership because it was made up of position fighters and position seekers, this is why the differences between the political leaders occurred in Juba during the distribution of political positions or constitutional posts (formation of the government),” said Duer Tut a member of the SPLM-IO.

Duer faulted recent defected politicians for giving Machar an inch and treating him as if he were a king.

“Riek Machar has been a bad leader because the SPLM-IO political leaders who are now defecting one after another were treating Riek Machar like a king, now when Riek Machar started to behave or act like a king those leaders start to wonder.”

“We know why we are still in the SPLM-IO, but we don’t know why people are leaving SPLM-IO.”

He claimed that the SPLM-IO had excluded two officials from the recent appointments because of their critical views on the leadership style.

“Those who were sidelined in the SPLM-IO by the leadership of Riek Machar, because of their opinions were only two leaders, luckily enough the two are still in the SPLM-IO until today and they will remain in the SPLM-IO, because they are not in the SPLM-IO for positions, but for a cause.”

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