Lou-Nuer repulses Murle’s attackers after 8-hours of fierce fighting

Gen. Taban Deng Gai and Murle’s leader, David Yau Yau discussing an issue in the capital Juba/ Photo: File

May 16, 2020 (Thessherald)–Hundreds of armed men from the Murle tribe have been repulsed and thrown into disarray after carrying out attacks on the Lou Nuer community in different areas, according to several residents interviewed this morning by The South Sudan Herald.

According to one source, the fierce fighting took place earlier today and lasted for eight hours before the attackers were overpowered, repelled, chased into the bush.

“The fighting ensured in the morning at 6: am up to 1: pm before the enemies were defeated.”

The first areas targeted by the Murle are, Pieri, Paduay, and Paritet.

“The Murle youth attacked Wuror County,
The heavy fighting occurred at 7:00am in three villages namely Pieri, Paduay, Paritet and other nearest areas,” another eyewitness said.

Dozens of people are believed to have been killed and hundreds wounded on the battlefield.

Since last year, violent clashes in Jonglei state and Greater Pibor Administrative Area between the Lou Nuer, Dinka, and Murle communities have displaced at least 8,000 people from their villages to shelter next to the United Nations peacekeeping base in Pibor, and displaced thousands more in Akobo and Nyirol.

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