Lou youth’s leadership condemns attacks carried out by the Murle, calls for accountability

Press Statement

May 16, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Lou Youth’s leadership strongly condemn the attack carried by the Murle armed Youth around 5:00 AM this morning. The Murle armed Youth have been attacking the Lou Nuer community since 1947 up to today, this kind of behavioral style is against humanity and has really caused a great damage to Lou Nuer community and their neighbors (communities ).

We, the Lou Youth call upon the National Government to intervene on the current situation, created by the Murle armed Youth’s barbarian act and we also urge the Government of South Sudan to condemn and take a serious action about why, Gen. David Yau Yau leaves the national duties for an Intel-communal fights, as most of the international body and the people of South Sudan witnessed his huge mobilization of the Murle armed Youth to carry out offensive act against the Lou Nuer Community and other communities, which has resulted to today’s gun down of Uror county in Jonglei State.

The attackers are using heavy machine guns that made us to believe the Murle have modernized the system of warfare, showing that they are getting support somewhere, hence killed a large number of innocent people including, elderly, women, children, and raided herd of cattle’s and abducted unknown number of children& women.

The Villages which fall under attacks this morning are; Pieri, Guanchat, Dhorganwel, wunbil, Goakgoak, Motot, Jokrial, Thoardiok, Payai and Pamai all are burned down. Therefore, we are arguing the authority of Greater Pibor to emphasize on this matter, since there are many peace conferences conducted between the Murle and the Lou Nuer community to stop the ongoing conflict and it has failed due to lack of commitment from the Murle community leaders.

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