An open letter to Nuer community from all walks of life

Open letter,
By: John Gatloth Madeng

May 22, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Nuer nation, like any other nation on earth, has been there and shall always be there throughout the lifetime no matter what. I decided to write to you this letter with good conscience because I know very well that this time is not the time of blame game but the time of reconciliation and advice. Today, as we continue to fight for what is right; let this be a reminder for us, both the current and the future professionals to use what has recently happened to us as a lesson in life because the first South Sudanese’s civil war has taught us many lessons and has shown as who are the real people among us as the saying goes; ‘Not all male are men’. We should not settle for less anymore. We have every right to voice out our opinions for we are the power.

To begin with:

The Nuer Journalists

[Bonifacio Taban, James Gatdet, Yoal Manyang, Sebit William and Buay Kapduel etc] Speak more for our people. Continue to speak out. Unravel the truth. Never be afraid to speak the truth. The whole nation is counting on you as the primary source of information. Let this day be a reminder that once again, press freedom is being oppressed in South Sudan. Again, to the future journalists, do not be afraid to speak the truth, the liars should be afraid of you.

The Nuer Artistes/Musicians/ Actors/Actress

(Kang JJ, Tabitha Nyadhiel, Gordon Koang, Pal Riek, Solomon Gatdet, John Mechoul, Nyapal Lul and etc.)

Kindly note that you are the Number One influencers in our society’s progress, always use your voice to send our people the necessary messages. You have a voice to speak out against the injustice and all odds. Educate more people, for your voice can be heard by many. Kang JJ’s Today we are free, Tabitha Nyadhiel’s Gone Away, Gordon Koang’s Ca ko tuok duor are among the many songs that helped in changing the lives of many.

The Nuer Elders

(Dr. Riek Machar, Wiu Kuon, Dr. James Mabor, Ruei Kuoth, Reath Malual, Eng. Farouq Gatkuoth, Simon Chuol Guong, Hassen Dong Gatpan and etc.)

Your role as an elder or a leader is to inspire and influence our young ones to achieve more than they ever thought possible – collectively or individually. Good leadership brings us forward while bad leadership costs lives.

The Nuer Doctors and Medical Professionals

(Dr. Petro Juoy Machar, Dr Chuol Dieng Deng, Dr. John Jok Yol and etc.) We are counting on you. A lot of our medical professionals have died due to this crisis, we should seek for MORE. As the backbone of the health sector, you should be prioritized not neglected. You are truly an epitome of a modern day hero.

The Nuer Attorneys/Sultans and Lawyers

Continue to be the eye to this society. As you uphold the virtues of the law, may you continue to fight for the oppressed. Be committed in Voicing out unconstitutional acts. We are deeply counting on you.

The Nuer Engineers

Never forget that your role is to make things work in our lands. We need infrastructures like water, sewage, etc. Build for us roads and bridges and convert ideas into working models, cars, television, the internet, etc.

The Nuer Woman/Mothers/Sisters

(Nyadier Chatiem, Angelina Teny, Nyatut Gatluak, Nyalek Thoan, Nyabuoy Gatbel, Capt. Nyapuoch Yoy and etc.)
Without women and mothers the whole human species would cease to exist. The Nuer will always rely on you in both happiness and unhappiness.

The Nuer Young People

Undoubtedly youth or young people are the backbone of every society’s stability and development including the defense. Never be the symbol of slowness, forgetfulness and laziness. Always try to be the productivity, health progress, development, stability and strength. Our boys and girls must always maintain our dignity wherever they are.

The Nuer Authors and Writers

Never be afraid to write out the factual events even if it means ending your life. You are the eye of our people. Write novels and histories of our country now!

The Nuer Teachers/Educators

(Wiyay Dak, Wang Mut, James Pey Wal, Yohanis Gatnyang Tap and etc.)
Continue to open the eyes of the children. May you use your authority to open the eyes of the children. Teach them how to be critical, teach them to see from various perspectives, teach them to scrutinize information.

The Nuer Commanders/Soldiers and Men
(Gatwech Dual, Duop Lam, Magwek Gai, Jok Gai, Chuol Puot and etc)
Kindly be committed to protecting the civil population against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Always obey the orders of the officers appointed over you.

The Nuer Public Officials

Serve for the people. Serve for the Nuer and the South Sudanese people, not for an individual politician. Serve wholly for the welfare of your constituents. May you always prioritize your constituents and not your personal interests. Remember, that you will serve for the people not for a person. Continue to uphold the virtues of righteousness, dignity, honesty and integrity.

*For the various professionals and sectors that are not mentioned, continue to do what is right for the Nuer and South Sudan. Do not conform to a malicious act. Never drag into wrong doings. Never get bribed! Never KILL!

I am looking forward to seeing the change in our community. It may not be in my lifetime but I will always be proud even in my grave. This is not the end. This is just the beginning of our fight. We deserve more and more.

Finally we are in solidarity with the Lou-Nuer and Bentiu-Nuer on the ongoing unfortunate developments as the results of attacks on them.
The author is the Chairman of Nuer Community in Sudan (BNFA)

He can be reached via the following contacts (+249918057715 – +249929003992)

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