Coronavirus Needs Urgent Intervention By President And Presidency

Opinion | By Dr. John Gai Yoh

May 30, 2020 (Thessherald)–The alarming rise in number of cases is urging for the need of an urgent intervention from the President and members of Presidency.

Announcing 188 cases in one day without an emergency meeting of the leadership of the country is troublesome for a country in crisis.
The Minister of Health did not meet the President of the Republic for a couple of weeks while COVID-19 is creating havoc in the capital and in states.

I would suggest that the government should take the following urgent actions within coming seven days:

  1. Parties to agreement should agree on the distribution of states, numbers of ministers and advisors, number of legislature members in the states and distribution of the counties. The new states governors should leave immediately to their states to form their governments and curve the inter-communal conflicts and the threat of COVID 19.
  2. Pay salaries for March, April and May 2020 to all who work with government. Funds for salaries should be availed by all means.
  3. In collaboration with WFP and partners food should be distributed to vulnerable residents in the capital and in capitals of ten states and the three administrative areas for at least one month and half rations.
  4. Urgent restructuring of national taskforce committee to compose mainly of medical professionals and a few security representatives and provide them with needed protection tools, operational funds, review the current top leadership of the ministry of health.
  5. Declare a total lockdown in the whole country.

The author is a former Minister of General Higher Education, Science and Technology and later was appointed as Presidential Advisor.

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