Open letter to H.E. President Salva Kiir for appointment of Molana Riek Biem as Unity state Governor

By Deng Makuei Deng

May 31, 2020 (Thessherald)–At the first place, I would like to take this golden opportunity to appreciate your tireless effort to sign the revitalized peace Agreement with oppositions, this peace have brought Unity and stability though some individual leaders who supports communal and tribal conflicts are working hard to destroy the signed peace agreement and some leaders use tribal or communal conflict as political gains, we are hoping that those tribal and communal conflicts will come to an end when you appointed peace loving governors in each state like Molana Riek Biem of Unity state.

Your Excellency,
I am a mere citizen of Apuk Giir Thiik Community of Warrap state bordering Unity state, what have let me write this letter to your esteemed office is because I am bordering Nuer Bul and you might have heard about recent attacks on Apuk Giir Thiik, Twic, Tonj, lakes, Biemnhom and Abiey administrative areas by those Nuer Bul Militias, they are being sent by individual leaders who are lobbying for the post of Governorship in Unity and Warrap states. They claimed themselves as peacekeepers what if you appointed them then they will be the right people to stop ongoing conflicts in above mentioned areas.

Your Excellency,
I hope you know those leaders who use communal and tribal conflicts as thier political gains, we know so far that blood sheet is not the way forward that your esteemed office appoints Governors. I totally disagreed with them, they deserves no appointment any more because they are trying to disgrace the ruling party SPLM, if that’s the case, then youths of above mentioned areas will not agree to follow such murderers.

Your Excellency,
As one of those who lost thier beloved ones in Mayen Jur attack by Nuer Bul Militias, I therefore request your esteemed office to appoint Molana Riek Biem as Governor of Unity state. Riek Biem is the only peaceful man who has never support inter tribal conflicts and that’s the reason he deserves Unity state Governorship. we are tired of Nuer Bul Militias attacks on our disarmed youths, so please bring in Molana Riek Biem to end such political interests.

Molana Riek Biem always stand for security, peace, love and unity among ourselves as South Sudanese, His portfolio is “one people, one nation “! No Nuer and Jang, we are all South Sudanese.

Your Excellency,

I would like to beg you once more to appoint this young energetic man to bring Warrap and Unity states together as one people. You are our peace loving president and we don’t wish wrong leaders to rally behind you because they might destroy your good leadership, we need leaders like Molana Riek Biem.


The writer is one of those who lost thier beloved ones in Mayen Jur attack, he can be reached via or 0925498333/0915786824

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