Exclusive: Health Minister Elizabeth Acuei class 6 dropout, source claims

Minister of Health Elizabeth Acuei pictured in her office | Photo: File

June 2, 2020 (Thessherald)–The newly appointed Minister of Health Elizabeth Acuei Yol dropped out of school 25 years ago while in class sixth, a source claimed on Tuesday during an exclusive interview with The South Sudan Herald.

“Let me be frank with you, Elizabeth Acuei has never sat in a high school classroom, I wondered when the opposition nominated her. She quit school 25 years ago. Where did she complete her secondary school?,” the source wondered.

On March 26, 2020, a social media user identified as Daniella Valentino Wol said that she is Elizabeth’s immediate family member. She also claimed that the newly appointed Minister of Health does not have basic knowledge in the medical field.

“Hon. Achuei Yol is my auntie by blood and she stands with First Vice President of South Sudan Dr Riek Machar and I stand with President of South Sudan,” said Valentino in a Facebook post shortly following the appointment of the Minister.

She recounted that Elizabeth has never been a trained doctor but a developing nurse whose role was to take blood samples from patients and give them to a trained doctor for further laboratory analysis.

“My auntie is just a Nurse, a Nurse who used to take basic information of unwell people and asked them to wait for Doctor’s to see them and she has not worked as Nurse since Dr Riek rebelled with her 2013. I don’t think that she can remember how to take blood from unwell person anymore but she has been recently made a Minster of Health in South Sudan,” she added.

Since taking an oath of the office, Elizabeth has been on the news on a daily basis for her ungrammatical English.

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