Stanbic Bank official among those killed during today’s shooting in Juba

Daniel Deng Thon, official of the Stanbic Bank, photographed in his office | Photo: File

June 3, 2020 (Thessherald)–A South Sudanese national, Daniel Deng Thon working for the Stanbic Bank, a corporate bank branch authorized by the Central Bank of Kenya, has been killed, today while on a short visit to his family members who live in Shirkat suburb, Juba.

According to his relatives, Deng left earlier today to pay a visit to his family, when all of a sudden, he met his end upon his arrival.

“Daniel Deng Thon was killed by security forces during protest at Shirkat . He just left in the morning to go and visited the family then death confronted him,” said one of his relatives on Wednesday.

“Deng was working with Stanbic Bank, South Sudan Bank branch for almost 8-10 years. He is a gentleman full of diligence and an educated person.”

The relative of the deceased called for an immediate end to brutality, warning that there will be endless violence as the families of the victims will sacrifice their lives to avenge the loss of their loved ones.

“Such brutality must stop otherwise it will caused unstoppable violence because they will become resistance as more lives will be sacrificed and country will be dark.”

The killing of five people drew widespread condemnation from the public, including the President’s office.

“H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit is deeply saddened about the shooting incident that occurred in Sherikat, Juba suburb early this morning. The President condemns this in the strongest terms possible, and has directed authorities to investigate the incident and press charges against the perpetrator/s immediately,” said the statement issued by the office of the President.

“The situation is under control as the security organs are now stationed in the crime scene. The perpetrator has been apprehended by authorities and is under close monitor in hospital, in a critical condition.”

There are also allegations that the apprehended suspect is a biological son to President Salva Kiir Mayardit, however, the office of the President categorically denied all those claims.

“ In fact, he is a distance relative of the President, but he was acting alone. The suspect is called Lual Akook Wol Kiir-a distance cousin to the President. President Kiir’s son is called Lual Salva Kiir Mayardit who wasn’t involved in the incident,” it further explained.

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