Indiscipline Army is Cause of Army Brutally against Civilians in Sherkat, Juba

A group of SSPDF soldiers patrolling in the capital Juba | Photo: File


June 6, 2020 (Thessherald)–The level of Brutality in South Sudan’s National Army witnessed in Sherikat shooting on Wednesday when hundreds of residents poured on the streets, shows that there is more reforms that need to be done in our National Army so that they can fully protect the citizens and their property.

The army profession is built on a foundation of discipline and standards during training. Discipline and standards are naturally essential within the Army culture of trust between the civilians and the army of the country. Discipline guide our manner of performance of our forces across the country.

We conduct Ourselves according to the discipline of our military and codes of ethics of SPLM/A (SSPDF) during liberation struggles from the North that promotes and advocates the discipline of soldiers and relationship between civilians with Army which was so cordial we chose the hard right over the easy wrong in the face of temptation.obsatcles and diversity The South Sudan people defend forces (SSPDF) to be professional Army. There is very clear guidance from the Army regulations during training and after training which most of the officers must be adhere with it.

It is not an exaggeration when I stated the Army have been forced to do more with less with the current operation against civilians in all part of the country during six years of civil war in South Sudan on going operation by Army forces against peaceful protester in Shirikat

The recruits were trained to protects and defend the country sovereignty and also deployment redeployment residents of Shirikat has witnessed soldiers who failed to meet basic Army standards such as repeated discipline issues but country to retained in the Army to meet number requirements for training and deployment as well promotion in the Military ranks to be allowed to awarded be in the Army as results of indiscipline strikes in our national Army

Discipline has always been the cornerstones upon which is built the tradition name, frame and valour of the armed forces. It is discipline that separates ethnics and tribal Army that country should not have such military in some countries National army has got good relationship with civilians especially during calamity the armed forces always committed to rescue the civilians due their good discipline among themselves.

Why then have the standards of discipline gone down? After independence from Sudan the ultimate desire of the youths was to join the armed forces for nine years is to have National Army well trained and equipped to defend our Sovereignty and integrity of our Country South Sudan as to have traditional Army families that encourage youths to defend the country not politicians.

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