Fistfight over memory card triggers violence in UNMISS camps

Women, children and the elderly sitting in groups following the outbreak of violence in UNMISS camp | Photo: Supplied

June 7, 2020 (Thessherald)–A lingering quarrel between two individuals over a missing memory card has turned into inter-communal violence among Nuer communities living in UNMISS-manned camps, Juba.

“The issue happened yesterday when two individuals started fighting over a lost memory card at one of the local phone charging stations,” said a reliable source on Saturday.

“In early morning today, inter-community fighting resumed once again between IDPs sub-clans within the Juba PoCs the fight broke out when some youths refused listen to combined elders from both PoCs that has let UN police act with effect and intervened to disperse the fight using tear gasses, that one of IDPs young man have hand cut off down by the teargas pack,” said another eyewitness on Sunday.

According to reports, a number of people have been seriously injured but no death cases reported so far on both sides.

“Wounded people are being treated by a local humanitarian health facility known to be IMC inside PoCs. With accord the water supply has been cut off following the ongoing standoff. Luckily food distributed two days ago in PoC1, while was about to kickoff in PoC3 but stopped by the sparkly dispute,” the eyewitness added.

“Most selling shops and all marketing activities are totally suspended shutdown in both camps, with the very limited access.”

On a positive note, the Transitional Government of National Unity has dispatched a security team headed by 1st Lt. Gen. Gabriel Duop Lam, Michael Changiek Gey in an effort to quell the communal tensions between the feuding Nuer communities.

Since the outbreak of violence in 2013, thousands of Nuer communities have taken refuge in the camps run by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

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