S. Sudan’s businessman Kerbino Wol rebels against Kiir’s gov’t

Prominent Academic Peter Biar Ajak and South Sudan’s businessman and philanthropist Kerbino Wol in a court room |Photo credit: Reuters

June 7, 2020 (Thessherald)–A South Sudanese businessman and Philanthropist, Kerbino Wol has rebelled against the Kiir administration and formed a new rebel movement called the “7 October Movement” aimed at toppling the Government.

In an interview with a Washington-based international radio, Voice of America on a satellite phone, the former detainee, Wol described the formation of the new movement as “historic”, saying it actually lays the foundations for total reforms in the country.

“We are the ‘7 October Movement’ which has been formed in South Sudan and today, is a very historical day in South Sudan,” Wol said in an exclusive interview with a VOA journalist.

Wol disclosed that the new rebel faction is consist of the youth who had long suffered as a result of the government’s repression.

“The team behind this group are young people of South Sudan that have finally been awakened by the suppression, the injustice and the failure of the leadership in the country. So they have taken the lead to liberate themselves from the oppression and the poor leadership in the country,” he pointed out.

Kerbino Wol was arrested by the National Security Service Biar Ajak in 2018 and then sentenced to 15 years in 2019 for terrorism, spying and insurgency.

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