RAF dismisses an alleged deal between South Sudan and Egypt

Red Army Foundation (RAF)

June 8, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Red Army Foundation (RAF) has denied allegations on social media, claiming that there is an ongoing arrangement between South Sudan and Egypt to establish a military base in Pagak to host Egyptian army, if the two countries, [Egypt and Ethiopia,] go to war over the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

“In recent weeks, we have observed circulation of news on social media and official outlets in respect to our country collaborating with Egypt in its endeavor to set up a military base to be used in the event of war against Ethiopia which is our second home now and was our only home with few other neighboring countries during our childhood,” said the Red Army Foundation in a statement obtained by The South Sudan Herald.

The RAF applauds the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for clearing up doubts in a timely manner.

“For this reason, we are very pleased with our government which vehemently refuted the news as baseless fake news and far from truth by asserting that Ethiopia is our own and South Sudan has no land spared for use for war against any country let alone Ethiopia that stood along with South Sudan since time immemorial despite changes in governments from time to time.”

The RAF leadership appreciated the Ethiopian government for its unwavering support during the country’s liberation struggle.

“The idea of the Red Army was conceived in Ethiopia where over 50,000 Red Army were raised, educated and trained in inducted into the political and military ideology of the SPLM/A. We, the seeds and bridges of South Sudan, spent precious time in Ethiopia during which we grew up with love and respect for equality and freedom and that foundation has led us to realize our current status where we have a Nation with our own leadership to decide on our destiny. The past is essential for the present and the present is crucial for the future. Our past was founded in Ethiopia and we cannot be ignorant to overlook or forget and find ourselves in contradiction.”

The official statement called on the Ethiopian government and Egypt to find a win-win solution to the ongoing dispute over the GERD.

“With this said, our humble appeal to both Ethiopia and Egypt is to resolve the differences by only negotiation based on principles for mutual benefits. The drum of war has helped no one in the history of mankind and the issue of Nile Waters should rather be used as an opportunity for collaboration and love not destruction, and conflict. Nature has given enough for all but greed is the main defeat in human.”

“We, the Red Army of South Sudan fondly and purposefully referred to as “Seeds of the Nation” by the SPLM/A therefore calls on our government, African Union and the International Community to exert maximum efforts to uphold cooperation and avert conflict in the two prominent and friendly African Countries.”

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