Ethiopia’s opposition leader Thowath pays tribute to the late John Luke

The late former Minister of Justice, John Luke Jok | Photo : File

June 13, 2020 (Thessherald)–A prominent Ethiopian opposition leader, Thowath Pal Chay has sent a message of condolence on the death of South Sudan’s Minister Justice and Minister for East African Community, Justice John Luke Jok, who passed away recently following a brief illness.

In a statement, the Chairman of the Ethiopian Unity Patriots Front (EUPF), Thowath Pal, underscored that even though he may not be available at the funeral service, his thoughts and prayers are with the people of South Sudan and deeply regrets their loss.

“While writing this viewpoints, I continue to be full of sorrow over the loss of my dearest comrade, intimate friend, and brother in the struggle for the Liberation for Equality, Liberty, Freedom, Democracy, Justice and Peaceful Cohesion and Territorial Integrity and Sovereignty to his country and people at large! Though I Will not be at the funeral with you physically, I would like to assure you that I am spiritually, emotionally, and morally with you at the funeral of this great comrade, intimate friend and brother who has died untimely before fulfilling the destiny of his vision to his country and the people at large! in the Republic of South Sudan, and Africa as well,” he said.

“While I Was Chief Security for Gambella and Deputy Chief Security of Western Region Of Ilubabor Region and Later Regional Governor, 1st Secretary of Gambella Administrative Region, Chief of Revolutionary Campaign Center and Member of National Defence and Security Council in The Government of Workers Party of Ethiopia (WPE) and Peoples Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (PDRE) under The Leadership of Cde Mengistu Hailemariam, I Was One of the Top SPLM/A organizers – Since June 13/06/1983 Up to 1991, when our government was topple by EPRDF government Of Meles Zenawi.”

“Since that time when H.E. John Luke Jok Ruai Was Spokesperson for the SPLM/A in the UK, London – we became comrades in the struggle, intimate friends, and brothers who used to exchange reports about SPLM/A victories, success, and achievements from the war fields, and frontier to the international Community and to the world at large.”

“John Luke Jok Ruai was one of SPLM/A war machines in International Diplomatic emotional, spiritual, and moral warfare in The era of Cold World War, when the world was divided into Eastern and Western blocks for SPLM/A to exist and be known worldwide. And when John Luke Decided to Join Military Training in Bonga of Gambella Region i was The one Who Drove him With my CAR TO The Training Camp and Handed him To The Officers in Charge of Training On Behalf of our Government.”

“John Luke was Very Committed and Determined Comrade in The Liberation of SPLM/A and When he Finished his Political and Military Training he Didn’t go Back to UK London but assigned in The Liberated Areas of SPLM/A in Greater Upper Nile To Protect Gains and Values of Liberation Fruits as a Judge and Continued Living With His Comrades in Armed Struggle Upto The Time Our Government was Toppled in 1991.”

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