Generous businesswoman Achai buys brand new car for George Kenyi

Traffic Police officer, George Kenyi and the receipt of his new car bought by a businesswoman, Achai Wiir | Photo Collage: Thessherald/File

June 14, 2020 (Thessherald)–A generous businesswoman, Achai Wiir has taken it upon herself and bought a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser for an honest and hardworking traffic police officer, George Kenyi – a man who has become a social media sensation for his dedication to maintaining traffic safety and efficiency on major roads in Juba, making him one of the Most Admired Police Officers in the country.

In a statement, Achai Wiir, a South Sudanese businesswoman known for her generosity, said that the car is ready and is expected to arrive in the capital Juba within a few days and will be delivered to its owner upon arrival.

“The car will arrive in Juba in the next few days and I will officially hand it over to Mr. Kenyi George. The car shall be fully insured by my insurance company, Salam Insurance and Reinsurance for the first year,” she stressed.

Mrs. Wiir noted that the car will go a long way towards facilitating Kenyi’s movements as he continues to serve the nation to the best of his ability.

“This is among a few other services that Mr. Kenyi will enjoy on this journey with us. Getting Mr. Kenyi a car to facilitate, ease and commute his movement in Juba was all I could afford at the moment. He’s a deserving gentleman who works under contrasting conditions, mention them.”

She appreciated the media for bringing to light such an inspiring story.

“Conclusively, I would like to thank the media for their unprecedented efforts for raising Kenyi’s hard work, passion for his job to everyone’s attention on the various platforms. Hats off to you all for the massive great, heap praise on Mr. Kenyi,” she concluded.

Mrs. Wiir, is a prominent businesswoman – she’s also known for her outstanding efforts in reconciling South Sudanese communities within South Sudan and beyond.

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