Defining the roles of youth in society when it comes to nation-building

Opinion | By: Cde Simon Char

June 23, 2020 (Thessherald)–Youthfulness is the inner strength not to stagnate or resistant to change but to stay open to new possibilities, it’s the power of the spirit that refuses to succumb to complacency and strives ever forward.

We are over 50% in South Sudan population with aspirations and experiences in our own rights to take what is within our grasp to build a better South Sudan, this is the power hold as young and future leaders.

Reimagine the world with tenacity innovation and courage to disrupt every cycle that yields negative results for youth because the future needs passionate, happy and confident young leaders who are willing to challenge what’s obstacle to their ambitions in taking country to what it people expect and deserve by standing up for conviction.

We are the period in which a man can be hopeless because every end of episode is the end of the world but the power of hoping through everything is the knowledge that the soul survives its adventure, that great inspiration comes to middle ages ( Youth ) therefore we are the hope of country’s future for lasting peace, stability and sustainable development due to fact that everything is possible and everything can be possible through our ability and confident as the future of this great country is in our hearts and minds.

My fellow youth we will have our own trials and temptations through which we must pass because there are great moments of eternity which lie a head, but our love, peace and confident to build this great country South Sudan is our main task and make it beautiful and peaceful to it’s Citizens.

Let’s pray that we will be prepared for the reins of leadership and arise and shine forth to be the light unto South Sudan by keeping the spirit of love and togetherness among us.

Let’s work together in putting the suffering of our people to an end because we are elders of tomorrow of this great and promises land by mitigating both Communal and political differences aside and promote peace, love and togetherness as the only solution for our wellbeing because the wisdoms of the wise and experiences of the ages is on us, let’s strongly united and truthful humble to face challenges and be the change with out losing hope in creating opportunities, be mature enough to deal with the things against our wellbeing.

We are the only change and future of next coming generations, so let’s make our whole country proud of us as we are always temperamental predominance of courage over timidity of the appetite and the adventure over the live of peace and unity in South Sudan. Lastly we are the only hope for peaceful South Sudan

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