S. Sudan’s Ambassador pees during Live Virtual Forum, leaving citizens astonished

June 4th, 2020 (Thessherald)–South Sudanese were extremely astonished on Friday after Ambassador Gordon Buay Malek started urinating abruptly while simultaneously participating in a virtual discussion forum hosted on Facebook by Twice Mayardit Media.

In a live video shared widely on Facebook, Buay was spotted deliberately peeing while the camera was playing in the background.

Gordon Buay who is the charge d’affaires at South Sudan embassy in America, has been sharply criticized on social media for flouting diplomatic Protocol.

South Sudan’s Chargé d’Affaires to the United States, Gordon Buay Malek has never undergone training on Diplomatic Etiquette and Protocol. The man is just a kid at heart, he knows nothing about today’s diplomacy,” said a Facebook user.

“In today’s global arena, knowledge of foreign affairs is essential, the area of diplomatic etiquette and protocol can be very difficult and one cannot just come and assimilate an Ambassadorial position overnight without having specialized background knowledge and experience in this field,” another social media wrote.

“South Sudanese diplomat to USA Ambassador Gordon Buay joined a discussion panel on Facebook live show yesterday July 2nd, 2020, while under serious influence of alcohol until he urinated during the show without his notice. For those who followed the live show witnessed how Buay made up his mind even if the colleagues in the panel struggled hard to remind him about his state of affairs but all in vain. Buay is said to be in self quarantined in Canada,” said Dickson Gatluak Jock Nyuot in a Facebook post.

“South Sudan ministry of foreign affairs ought to train its diplomats on how to behave in the public, otherwise it’s an insult to the sovereignty of South Sudan. This act requires immediate disciplinary action from the President and the ministry of foreign affairs, this is not the first time for Amb Gordon Buay Malek to misbehave,” he added.

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