Call for the formation of Eastern Jikäny Administrative Area (EJAA)

Col. Paul Puok Kang former Military Spokesperson of the defunct Provisional Military and Political Council (PMPC) |Photo: Profile Picture

Opinion | By Paul Puok Kang

July 6, 2020 (Thessherald)–Eastern Jikäny Kir comprises of Thiäng Kir, Kun( Gaguong ) Reang Mayar, Gajiök Kir Gaguang Kir and Chay Kir who are strategically inhabiting the land bordering our sisterly country, Ethiopia.

Eastern Jikäny Kir entirely hosted all our liberation movements; Anya Nya One ( 1960’s ), Anya Nya Two (1970 ), SPLM/A ( 1980’s ) and other South Sudan liberation movements.

Eastern Jikäny Kir nursed, fed and peacefully welcomed and embraced their brothers and sisters who came to the area to liberate themselves from the subsequent despotic, oppressive, repressive and dictatorial regime in Khartoum.

The Eastern Jikäny Kir openheartedly and wholeheartedly accepted their movements to be established in their God-given land without reservations.

Eastern Jikäny Kir made a number of contributions to all the SPLA factions and other Liberation Movements during the country’s liberation struggle – in their possession, and this includes cows, oxen, bulls, grains and safe havens or military bases knowing that they are the ones to be liberated from the oppressive Sudanese regime in Khartoum–Just to mention a few.

Why I am writing this?:

Any contribution made for the right cause is extremely imperative and therefore deserves recognition and rewards.

I appeal to my beloved government to allocate Eastern Jikäny Kir an Administrative Area that should be called Eastern Jikäny Administrative Area (EJAA) – like that of Pibor Administrative Area, Abyei Administrative Ares and Ruweng Administrative Area as a reward and a token of appreciation for their unwavering support and contributions they made during the liberation struggle, which eventually culminated in our country’s independence, now the Republic of South Sudan.

The author is a former Military Spokesperson of the defunct Provisional Military and Political Council (PMPC).

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