Troika calls for full implementation, voices concern over inter-tribal violence in S. Sudan

July 15, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Troika countries, (the United States, the United Kingdom and Norway) have voiced their concern over the ongoing slow pace of the implementation of the peace agreement and called on the Parties to expedite the process as a matter of urgency.

The Troika called in a joint statement issued at the “IGAD” summit on Tuesday for the rapid establishment of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly and the completion of security sector reform.

“The Troika remains deeply concerned with the lack of progress in other areas and calls upon the parties to further accelerate the implementation of the peace agreement. The Troika looks forward to the formation of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly and the completion of security sector reform,” the statement partly reads.

The group remarked that the persistence of inter-tribal violence pitting ethnic groups in Jonglei State is a source of concern and urged leaders to find an amicable solution to address the problem.

“The recent rising violence across the country, particularly in Jonglei but also in Warrap and Lakes states, has left at least 60,000 people displaced and in need of humanitarian assistance. This presents a fundamental challenge to the continued credibility of the ceasefire and the peace agreement.”

“The Summit must encourage the Transitional Government to act quickly with all parties working together to stem the violence, in line with its responsibility to protect the population and its role in enabling humanitarian access. If we do not see action now then we may face the risk of a humanitarian catastrophe in the most affected areas. We commend the role of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in protecting vulnerable groups.”

Since December last year, South Sudan has witnessed widespread inter-communal violence, which has been exacerbated by cattle rustling and rampant child abduction.

In recent months, the same cycle of violence has claimed the lives of 600 people and left nearly 1,000 others critically wounded particularly in Jonglei State .

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