Gen. H. E. Dr. James Wani Igga and his new crisis management committee

Opinion | By Gatwech Ruei

August 26, 2020 (Thessherald)–As we know any economic crisis is as a result of the inflation rate. Or rising prices of goods and services, and it needs the government involvement to study the crisis then give recommendations to address the the causes of inflation.

But the big problem is, when you are beating around the bush, while you have a key solutionat hand will not help. If the government addresses the root causes of the conflict in Republic of South Sudan, the crisis management committee can succeed in their work. But the committee will fail for following reasons:

1- The Covid 19 is not the really cause of the inflation.

2- the communal fighting in the whole Country is not a cause of the inflation.

3- The current inflation is due to current political status quo and lack of vision by SPLM Leaders. 4- Delaying and rejecting the implementation of the peace agreement is a main cause of the inflation.

5- President Salva Kiir and his unwillingness to implement the peace agreement, will worsen the inflation even more and the crisis management committee will end up without any meaningful recommendations.

People of South Sudan should either accept the inflation as they accepted status quo and Coronavirus plus President Salva Kiir or the national conversation should consider the option to change Salva Kiir regime. People of South Sudan should know very well who is the common enemy to them.

I salute our people population in Maluth County in Upper Nile state for their peaceful demonstrations.

The crisis management committee is a deception by Government and will end up without good results like the Jongile committee and Tonj disarmament.

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