U.S. calls on S. Sudan citizens to silence guns across the country

South Sudan's armed forces holding up their guns a sign of victory | Photo: File
South Sudan’s armed forces holding up their guns as a sign of victory | Photo: File

August 5, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Trump administration has called on the people of South Sudan to redouble their efforts and silence the guns across the country.

In a statement released on Friday, the US Embassy in South Sudan called on all actors and those in possession of illegally-acquired firearms to turn their weapons into instruments of peace and unity.

“The time has come for the guns in South Sudan to be silenced. It does not matter if you are a soldier or civilian, and what state or tribe you are from; All parties – whether signatories to peace agreements and the Rome accords or not – share equal responsibility for stopping the fighting. The people of South Sudan, your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and neighbors have already suffered terribly and over many years because irresponsible actors with agendas designed to advance personal goals, rather than those that advance the well-being of their nation, continue to encourage the use of firearms to destabilize the peace process and terrorize the public,” the Embassy said on Friday.

The US noted that the recent spike in inter-communal violence in major parts of the country – signals a worrying development that undermines efforts to provide much-needed humanitarian assistance to the vulnerable population.

“The recent spread of fighting encouraged by these bad actors is now interfering with the ability to deliver humanitarian aid and assistance to help the most vulnerable of your citizens with deliveries of food, shelters, medical supplies, where it is urgently needed. All of these services are the responsibility of a government to its people and should be clearly reflected in a national budget that is transparent and free for all to see.
Floods, locusts, and disease; there are enough natural disasters plaguing the suffering people of South Sudan, without adding the plague of greed, and short-sightedness of the individuals who hold power and may have forgotten what is was like not to know from where their next meal would come.”

“With great power comes great responsibility and accountability. For those of you who have accepted to become leaders, it is time to lead more and to take less; it is time to be responsible and exercise control over those over which you have influence; it is time to silence the sound of gunfire so that the words of peace, reconciliation, and nation building can be heard loudly and clearly throughout your great country.”

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