Rescue the bleeding Sudanese nations

Opinion | Rev Karlo Kolong Okoy

South Sudanese celebrating during the independence day of South Sudan | Photo: Thessherald

South Sudanese celebrating during the independence day of South Sudan | Photo: Thessherald

September 6, 2020 (Thessherald)-Dear international leaders and heads of nations known as UN leaders, I am crying on behalf of the bleeding Sudanese nations, we are all descendants of Adam and Eve made in the image of the same God, read Genesis chapter 1:26-31. In February 2002 while in Nairobi, God gave me a vision known as “ we are not an island” this is what God told me to invite more than fifty five nations, diplomats and sympathetic organizations to come to Nairobi and stop the Sudanese Biblical cures mentioned in Isaiah chapter 18.titled “God will punish Sudan” God told me to give the two pages to Dr Riek Machar who is now confused daily because of mishandling the vision.

This vision has two main pages 1) invite foreign leaders to make peace for Sudanese people 2) to develop the war ravaged communities who did not have any national taste of their wealth within their own country since British gave the Sudanese independence in 1956, that is 64 years ago.

This vision achieved what they called “comprehensive Peace Agreement” or Nairobi peace of January 9/2005 now become a book titled “We are not an island in the Sudan” this book was published three times in Kampala Uganda in 2010, 2011, 2013 and I gave many copies to national leaders freely but they put under the beds.

Now I am not ashamed of the Gospel read Romans 1:16, our weapons are not like weapons of the world but weapons that have divine power to demolish every argument of man. Read 2 Corinthians 10:4-6. As a watchman of human lives, I cannot keep silent when my people are being killed and die before their duration of life on earth. Read Ezekiel 33 and 34.

Rescue the bleeding Sudanese nations
In 1956 Sudan got independence from Britain, in 1958 the first military coup led by General Ibrahim Abud, in 1964 civil uprising through much blood, in 1969 second military coup led by General Jafar Mohmad Numery, in 1971 the third military coup led by General Ashim Al ata for three weeks. In 1972 Addis Ababa Agreement between Khartoum government of Jafar Mohamde Numery and Anyanya one war led by Joseph Lagu mainly from Christian animist South Sudan that started from 1955 to 1972. In 1983 the second greatest civil war led by General John Gareng named this group (SPLA/ SPLM) all over the country again, this ended with what they called “Nairobi peace Agreement” of 2005. In 1985 the fourth military coup led by General Mohamad Sowar Adahab and transitional government combination of civil leadership led by Juzuli Dafala . In 1989 the fifth military coup led by Omar Hasen Bishri, In April 2019 the seventh military coup led by General Burahan with a combination of civil government that we now see with other transitional governments and transitional constitutions. Now South Sudan could not escape this Biblical punishment of Isaiah chapter 18 because she is part and parcel of the original Sudan.

In 2011 civil wars erupted again all the two nations including the major war of South Sudan 2013 to this day. Millions died of such non-Godly and careless leaderships. Can we God people allow the children or citizens to continue to be killed without alerting the international communities and God their maker? How will God judge us who know the truth? As a Christian any nation outside the Church and without the Bible will never have peace but we must try in the name of God the maker of all mankind.

There are two types of peace or reconciliation, the horizontal reconciliation and vertical reconciliation, the first is led by secular people the second is led by Christian leadership, without vertical reconciliation the horizontal reconciliation cannot last because it has no Biblical guidance. You cannot build a good house without true cement. Nations without the blood sacrifice of Jesus will never stop killing their own citizens. Isaiah 13 is about Iraq, Isaiah 17 is about Syria, Isaiah 18 is about Sudanese nations, Isaiah 19 is about Egypt, Isaiah 21 is about Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Christian leaders are trying to bring these people back to their true Biblical God that made them then peace can be achieved

This is my second appeal then to alert you nations and children of Adam to wake up and fulfill the prophecy of my book called “we are not an island in the Sudan” it has been in this book dated 2 December 2009 tilted “Dear CPA partners” page 99 and page 100, in the fourth edition published by X libirs UK in Bloomington Indiana USA November I quote “ Sudan has been fighting itself since British left the country 54 years ago will the world use dry grass to quench Sudanese fire like that of Iraq 2002? Paul Bermer may be needed in Sudan too to rescue the dying Sudanese” end of quote. This prophecy has taken ten years now and the Sudanese continued to kill their own Sudanese in both countries. After allied forces of NATO and some nations removed the brutal leader of Iraq 2003, they appointed Lewis Paul Bermer a US citizen as an interim leader for Iraq to pave the way for free and fair election within a year. Sudan has been bedeviled for the last 64 years of her independence with several coups’ interim governments interim constitution, sometimes they call it transitional governments and transitional constitution to confuse the world. We can see many nations are without permanent constitutions because they don’t know that permanent constitution means the Ten commandments or the Bible itself. What I see within the leaders in these two nations, there is no future peace for the Sudanese nations unless a UN neutral leader takes care for a period of five years with rapid development of all the marginalized communities, so the citizens can make inclusive constitutions and pave the way for free and fair elections.

In this period of 64 years’ war has been going on and millions have died from 2005 to this day of February 15/2020 more than four hundred thousand Sudanese in Western Sudan, Nuba mountains Southern Blue Nile died, about two hundred thousand escaped to Chad and three hundred thousand fled to South Sudan, two hundred thousand fled to Ethiopia and Egypt and in South Sudan more than three hundred thousand died, millions escaped to Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Dr Congo and to many other continents like Australia, Europe, Americas, Asia and countries like Libya risking lives within Mediterranean sea to Europe.

How can we church leaders keep silent when God appointed us to take care of his children worldwide? Jeremiah did not keep quiet when God told him to warn the bad national leaders, he was arrested many times, but God rescued him, the Israeli nation was exiled to Babylon despite the national opposition. Even the bad leaders become refugees too. This is happening today. Therefore, the book attached in this letter has explained Sudanese spiritual problems, political problems and gave solutions or the way forward. No doctor can give a patient a medicine before diagnosing the disease. Jesus spoke in Matthew 25:34-36 that those who help my children, when they were hungry you gave them food, when they were naked you gave them clothes, when they were sick you took them to the hospital, when they were illiterate you educated them, just to mention a few. I just paraphrased these. I thank the nations who have contributed such great needs and channel it through UN agencies and good Samaritans. Dear UN leadership! you become a true international parent to care for the orphans’ and the hunted citizens lynched before their Godly time.

Attached is the US and UN think tank group letter of November 29/2016 paper about the aim of solving the problem of South Sudan.

The author is a religious leader and Founder of evangelical free churches of the Sudanese nations, Author of We are not an island in the Sudan

Architect of Sudanese peace of 2005.
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