ICSS empowers women in Bidibidi camp


Empowered women in Bidibidi Refugee Camp showing off their sewing machines

September 12, 2020 (Thessherald)–A local non-governmental organization, I Can South Sudan currently based in the Bidibidi refugee camp, has trained a group of women and provided them with financial assistance so that they could support their micro businesses in the camp.

The NGO appreciates Oxfam for its continuous support to South Sudanese refugees in the camp.

“We have this evening concluded a three days Business Management training for 10 women in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, Zone 1, giving each trainee 500,000 UGX to start small enterprise that can help sustain their families. Our vote of thanks to Oxfam for continuous support.”

I Can South Sudan is one of the local organizations run by refugees that works to empower women and minors in Bidibidi refugee camp.

Last week, another group of 10 women was taken through sewing skills training and provided with sewing machines upon their graduations.

“I CAN South Sudan with support from I Matter embarked on training 10 women in tailoring to help them sustain their families. This initiative aims at empowering vulnerable women, give them a platform where they can raise their voices, discover their potentials and build a peaceful community. Women makes 87℅ of the total population of refugees in Bidibidi and they are the majority without voice.”


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