Police ask parents to practice good parenting to curb juvenile delinquency

A young boy polishing a rich man's shoes to earn a living in the country
An orphaned boy polishing a rich man’s shoes to earn a living | Photo: File

Sept 18, 2020 (Thessherald)–South Sudan’s National Police Service has appealed to parents and guardians to engage in good parenting practices to avoid reckless and delinquent behavior among their children.

Speaking to the media in the capital, Juba, the South Sudanese Police Spokesperson, Maj.Gen. Daniel Justin says most children are engaged in criminal activities due to lack of proper parental care from their parents and guardians.

The Police said parents are supposed to play a key role in ensuring that their children behave well in the public.

Last week, police arrested about 20 minors in connection with a violent assault on a young woman in the Shirkat neighborhood, Juba.

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