Women Empowerment and Participation in Good Governance

South Sudan's empowered women celebrating during an event organized by the Zain South Sudan.

Opinion | By Kong Diew Chany

Sept 25, 2020 (Thessherald)–Majority of our youths who participate in the advocacy for a good governance in South Sudan are males. This shows that our society is a patrilineal society, a male-dominated society. We need to empower our girls and women to fully participate and engage in a good governance. They need to be sensitized to fight for their inalienable rights.

In the recently partially formed Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGNU), women were underrepresented, particularly on President Salva Kiir’s side. The SPLM-IG needed to allocate 2 gubernatorial positions and more ministerial portfolios to women. I do not know why women never came out to protest against that humiliation. The democracy, which the SPLM-IG has been talking about is only on a paper and its members’ mouths, it has not been put into practice. Women should go straight to President Salva Kiir to ask him why he infringed on their right; they should ask him where he has taken women’s 35% quota in governance.

A country that does not respect women’s rights is deemed to fail because they are the backbone of every nation. Our women are the only women who have felt the brunt of this senseless war on the Africa Continent; President Salva Kiir’s militias killed and raped them. President Kiir’s militias never have respect for our women. We will only enjoy the fruits of our liberation struggles when women are accorded all their full rights.

Let us build our girls and women socially, economically, and politically. If the government keeps them at bay from the political arena, our nation will never develop faster. Our women need more support, they need to be given access to quality healthcare and education.

The Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGNU) should should embark on building technical schools that can impart hard skills to our women. Our women need vocational training centers that can offer tailoring (dress making), hairdressing, cookery, bread making, and etcetera. They also need more trainings on entrepreneurship and financial management.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese citizen. He can be reached at kongdiew2016@gmail.com

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