Lou-Nuer youth condemn unlawful killing of 2 officials in Juba

In the picture are the two former government officials murdered in cold blood in Juba |Photo: via Facebook

Sept 26, 2020 (Thessherald)–The leadership of the Lou Nuer Youth Association for Development has strongly condemned the recent incident in which two former government officials were unlawfully killed in cold blood in Juba.

“The Leadership of Lou Nuer Youth Association for Development, strongly condemns the killing of our beloved brothers who served and contributed much to protect the integrity of this country at different levels and they lost their lives in cold blood,” the community says in a statement.

” We therefore, stand in solidarity with the families of our deceased brothers, friends and colleagues of Hon. Yiey Ruathdhel Rambang, former Minister of both Ministries of defunct Akobo State (Information, Culture, Youth and Sports & Education) and Hon. Dok Tuach Bithou former commissioner of Longechuk County of defunct Maiwut State.”

The youth express deep sadness for the great loss of the two energetic men who were ruthlessly murdered in cold blood by a reckless police officer in the capital, Juba.

“The killing of the lovely brothers was heartbreaking and a great loss to the Easter Nuer in General, Lou Nuer comumunity and the Jikany Nuer community, that this barturie act will not occur to everyone in any corner in this country particularly, Ruathdhel Rambang family who lost the lovely, humble, kind hearted and young energetic son who deserved to live longer but the reckless armed undisciplined man cut his life off.”

“We, the Lou Nuer Youth leadership call upon the police and other law enforcement agencies across the country to bring the culprits to book and face justice for the horrendous crime committed.”

“We call upon the government of South Sudan whose mission is to protect the lives of all citizens, more specially, the Ministry of Interior to strengthen the security not only in Juba, across South Sudan in general to end the senseless killing of civilians in our country.”

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