Malong addresses the nation, urges citizens to remain resilient

Paul Malong Awan, Chairman of SSUF/A |Photo: Thessherald

Below is the transcript of Paul Malong Awan’s recent speech transcribed by The South Sudan Herald.


My fellow countrymen and women – ladies and gentlemen, I greet you in the name of our country, South Sudan. Today, I will address you through this brief clip.

However, our Movement (SSUF/A) is aware of these challenges facing our beloved country – our country is going through tough times.

However, our movement is aware of these challenges facing our beloved country such as an economy and political unrest, resulting in hunger and poor healthcare – poor roads and insecurity and tribal fight around the country.

The South Sudan United Front (SSUF/A) is aware of your suffering in refugee camps, the displacement centers and those inside the country.

SSUF/A is therefore committed to find[ing] a lasting solution that will make our suffering mothers and children build and mend in a peaceful country. Due to the above mentioned or above issues,
our party and other like-minded groups believe that this (inaudible) solution is crucial for the lasting peace in our motherland.


Meanwhile, our party is a national political entity that and the people of South Sudan have had. On behalf of SSUF/A and I wish you all good health during this pandemic period. [May] God bless South Sudan, May God bless my people worldwide. Thank you!

Click on this link to watch the video

Transcribed by The South Sudan Herald.

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