Opinion |The message of hopeless Sudanese nations

Pastor Karlo Kolong and Dr. Riek Machar |Photo: courtesy of the author.

Opinion | By Pastor Karlo Kolong

Sept 28, 2020 (Thessherald)–Based on the book of Nehemiah chapter 1:1-10
Nehemiah the man of God got some bad news from his people who came from Israel while he was in Babylon which is Iraq and Iran today the Israelis told him that the country is devasted and the wall of Jerusalem was destroyed beyond human repair, Nehemiah felt the pain and took step in prayer and went home to Israel.

Today September 19/2020, I pastor Karlo Kolong and my sister Kuir Atem felt the same pain of our people back from two Sudanese nations. We decided to put this pain into media since all of us desire peace and food to exist within these Godly given lands, “blood is thicker than water” the condition of our pastoralist communities of Murle, Dinka Bor, Nuer in Jonglei and Toposa, Didinga, Buya, Tennet, Lopit, Latuko, Pari, Lango in Eastern Equatoria is devasting for the last 64 years of Sudanese nominal independent, British left the country 1956 up to this day Sudanese nations are still bleeding, the 64 years is equal to my age now.

These communities have been killing each other because of cattle and no modernize tools of agriculture even water. This is my second appeal to world leaders, in February 2002 while in Nairobi Kenya, I asked God to give me a vision which led to Sudanese peace of 2005 which is this book today called “we are not an island in the Sudan” you can get from me if you want to know the Sudanese problem mention in the book of Isaiah chapter 18 that says “God will punish Cush” or Sudan today, it is Ethiopia in Greek language, Dated back to 320 BC, the time of Alexander the Great who conquered North Middle East and Africa.

today we Sudanese and South Sudanese in diaspora appeal to Christians and international communities to offer their hands in prayer and deeds for us to mobilize these communities for peace Conference to be held in a place, to be fixed, to bring 7 members from each of these 11 communities together for peace talks. So each of these communities should send me 7 names of each X 11 equal 77 and 2 from agrarian communities of ,Madi. Acholi and Shiluk, 3 members of South Sudanese Association of pastoral and training Initiative for peace (SSAPTIP( based in Gulu Uganda registered in Juba under Jino Longa, one Ugandan from pan African peace forum, pastor Phillip Kakangulu and pastor Jacob Chyeriot from Kenya to help us compare the peace in their countries. Pastor Orozu Lokine of Murle should be ahead with these groups too.

The 7 from each community should have 3 pastors one woman leader 2 political guys and one elder from the village the whole total will be 7X11= 77 plus 2X 3 plus 3 SSAPTIP leaders comes to 77+6+3 = 93, we will pray for God to give us funds then we can arrange conference on zooms or definite place like Gulu Uganda, Nairobi or USA, this depends on availability of funds.

Phase two will include greater Bar El Ghazel, Central equatorial and western Equatoria, With God all things are possible.

If you read this book about the prophetic vision of South Sudan parliament 2010, that says “if 400 MPs have 380 non-Christians in the parliament. The parliament will break down” it broke down in 2013, even now there is no parliament in South Sudan, it is dead, read page 111 of this book and page 137 is about suffering women no water taps in their houses, they trek ten miles carrying jerry cans of 20 liters on their heads to get wild water non chlorinated, this eroded their heads and hair. Nile River is not in South Sudan, all departments in South Sudan have toilets without water, officials use forest toilets where is Nile River? they build one tarmac road from Juba to Nimule that took 15 years.

What caused Israel to be divided into two 957 BC?

Israeli leaders David, Solomon and Rehoboam refused to obey God and worship idol gods like us Sudanese nations today, hence God become angry and divided the nation of Israel into two, Northern Israel capital city Samaria and Southern Israel as Judea with its capital Jeruslem , read 1 kings chapter 11:7-40 what caused the division of Sudan into two nations in 2011? It is the same thing Sudanese people have several gods within the country and God of the Bible became angry and cursed the national economies, health, no more social gathering, tribes fight among each other, civil wars, flood will continue and the economy will continue to be poor despite the greatest oil reserve in the country.

God told me to present these mistakes of the Sudanese nations so that God thinking leaders may lead the nations into national repentance in the name of Jesus the only true God and hope for peace. We must reject all the idol or false gods and come to Jesus only the author of life and international calendars 4000 BC and 2020 AD.

Our leaders should stop animal sacrifices, jumping over the blood of bulls, chicken or monkey is a primitive sacrifice, accept the blood of Jesus by faith then you will be accepted by God. Read John 14:6. this book “we are not an island in the Sudan” based in Isaiah chapter 18 “God will punish Sudan” 2500 years ago. This book is in amazon.com, it will tell you more buy.
buy this book to know more about the land of Cush in the Bible and read “visit former British nine provinces in the Sudan”

About the author: The writer is the author of a book known as “we are not an island in the Sudan” architect of sudanese peace of 2005, founder of Evangelical Free churches of Sudanese nations.

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