Latest: Malong denies being suspended from SSOMA

General Paul Malong Awan,
General Paul Malong Awan, Chairman of SSUF/A |Photo: File

Sept 29, 2020 (Thessherald)–The South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A), a faction led by General Paul Malong, has denied speculative reports, alleging its suspension from the South Sudan Movements Alliance (SSOMA) over a breach of communications.

“Reference to the unsigned document titled “SSOMA-LC Suspends SSUF/A With Immediate Effect” dated 25th September, 2020. SSUF/A would like to Inform its supporters at large, regional and international community as well as the media houses that SSUF/A does not recognise the aforementioned letter to suspend SSUF/A in the Aliance activities,” the statement issued by the SSUF/A partly reads.

“The National Executive Committee of South Sudan United Front/Army hereby considers the letter null and void due to the following reasons. 1. The SSOMA Leadership Committee did not meet and table the issue in their Ordinary LC meeting.”

“If a SSOMA- LO Ordinary meeting was held, Real SPLM, SSNDA and SSUF/A leaders were not present to make a unanimous approval, therefore the majority vote should come from two against one leader in accordance to the Hague Declaration.”

The leadership of SSUF/A denies breaching channels of communication as indicated in the letter reportedly written by the Leadership Council of the South Sudan Movements Alliance (SSOMA-LC)

“The SSOMA-LC members are Gen. Paul Malong Awan, Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka and Gen. Pagan Amum. 2. SSUF/A as a SSOMA member did not breach any communication channel or the spirit of comradeship and trust within the Alliance as indicated in the letter, it is the work of peace spoilers.”

“We assure you that SSUF/A is still an active member of South Sudan Oposition Movement Alliance (SSOMA) and claims by spoilers should be dismissed. South Sudan United Front/Army under the leadership of Gen.Paul Malong Awan is committed to Rome Peace process as part of SSOMA to achieve a sustainable peace through addressing the root causes to the conflict,” the group stated .

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