Economist urges leaders to embark on implementing peace to fix economy

Hungry-looking South Sudanese refugees waiting for their food rations in Kakuma, Kenya|Photo: Thessherald

Oct 3, 2020 (Thessherald)–A South Sudanese prominent economist and lecturer at Juba University, Ahmed Morgan, has advised leaders to embark on implementing the peace deal as the the only way to tackle the country’s economic collapse.

“Economic problems in the country can only be fixed when you actually fix the pay for production in the economy, which we don’t have in the current state. And the basics for production of a good economy, we are supposed to have sustainable peace and general stability for security purposes so that we start local production for local consumption,” said Morgan in an interview with VOA’s South Sudan in Focus.

He urged the government to formulate strategic plans and release the delayed salaries of civil servants who have not been paid for months.

“Civil servants have not been paid for months; then the government has to come up with plans on how it will never go back to the same position again. I have been complaining that we need to strengthen our policies of foreign exchange, by reducing imports of such things, not forgetting that South Sudan is an oil-producing country and still we are importing the final products of oil,” he added.

South Sudan is one of the oil-rich countries in the world. Oil is the lifeline of the nation’s economy, which is account for 95% of government revenues.

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