South Sudanese mother gives birth to sextuplets on Sunday

Mother and father welcoming their sextuplets
Parents happily and joyfully welcoming their sextuplets in the hospital |Photo: File

October 6, 2020 (Thessherald)–A South Sudanese mother had left the whole community astonished after she gave birth to sextuplets ( six twins) last Sunday evening.

In a picture shared on social media earlier this week, the father, mother and other relatives were seen sharing happiness and joy over such an extraordinary blessing from God.

Sextuplets are the rarest twins that a woman can conceive naturally without the use of complementary fertility drugs such as clomiphene and gonadotropins.

This year, there have been unusual cases of multiple births witnessed in South Sudan, however, due to lack of public records in health facilities, the exact number of multiple births may not be known countrywide.

In June, a mother – in her 20s – gave birth to quadruplets (two boys and two girls) in the capital, Juba.

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