Mabior announces his recovery from idiopathic illness

Mabior, the eldest son of the late Garang De Mabior.
The eldest son of the late Garang de Mabior takes pictures while receiving treatment in a hospital |Photo: File

Oct 8, 2020 (Thessherald)–Mabior Garang de Mabior, the eldest son of the late Garang, announced on Thursday that he is recovering from an unknown disease after 3 years of uncertainty.

“I have been sick for three years now, the last one year has been one of recovery. Those who follow me on Fb and IG have witnessed my illness, treatment and recovery process. It has been difficult to get any sympathy when it is relatives who portray one’s illness to the public as alcohol and drug related,” said Mabior


Mabior says he’s now at the point of recovering from an illness he’s been battling for three years.

“I am happy to announce today that I am close to a full recovery, I can walk again, talk again, see again and my strength has generally been restored. It had been shown by my recovery – which further confirms the doctors suspicion – I have been suffering from an illness which has no natural cause,” he added.

The senior SPLM-IO official disclosed that he did not have sufficient resources to receive medical care from a well-developed hospital.

“Since I was afflicted at the hight of the struggle for a second Republic, I had no resources to seek treatment for a while. After one year of illness the toxicology report could not reveal anything, it was too late. It was difficult for those who do not follow me on social media to see this journey because I continued to perform my duties to the peoples’ struggle even throughout this terrible illness, I even did the work from my hospital bed. I am thankful to my ancestors and to the Almighty for sparing my life.”

Mabior said he would have died, had it not been for God’s intention.

“I am not supposed to be alive today, this is a second chance at life.”

“I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to all the sisters who called me and kept me company during the height of my trials and tribulations. I cannot forget to thank the many brothers and sisters who supported me financially, I would have gone blind without your support.”

“Finally to those who are disapointed that I did not succumb to the illness and find it difficult to explain why they left me to die, I am not bitter, I feel liberated by this experience.They say, “what does not kill you can only make you stronger”.

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