Exiled prominent activist calls for regime change in South Sudan

A South Sudanese prominent economist, Peter Biar Ajak
Peter Biar Ajak, a fierce government critic currently residing in the USA |Photo: File

October 9, 2020 (Thessherald)–A South Sudanese prominent activist and economist, Peter Biar Ajak, has said that with President Kiir at the helm, the people of South Sudan will never breathe a sigh of relief unless he’s voted out in the next elections.

The activist stated that President Kiir will continue to hold on to power forever, fearing that the citizens will not reelect him a second time during the elections.

“South Sudan cannot improve the quality of life for its people with Kiir in power. He knows that the South Sudanese people will never reelect him in free, fair and credible elections,” said Peter Biar Ajak.

Peter Biar

Biar pointed out that the South Sudanese leader views conflict and instability as an advantage and a way to cling to power.

“He sees conflict, endless negotiations to nowhere and severe repression as the only way of maintaining his grip on power. But if the people can finally vote, they will undoubtedly send him home and elect visionary leaders who will rebuild South Sudan and restore enduring peace, development and human rights for all its people.”

“South Sudan cannot address its enormous challenges and thrive with Kiir in charge. Any hope for a better future lies with finding a rapid path to credible elections, which will finally allow the South Sudanese people to vote for leaders of their choice.”

Peter Biar Ajak, a fierce government critic, fled to the United States in July with the help of the Trump administration, accusing Kiir of having plotted to kill him in Nairobi, Kenya. However, the Office of the President denied the accusation saying the activist was looking for a Resettlement opportunity from the United States.

Biar and other co-accused were released earlier this year in a presidential pardon after spending years in prison.

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