Trump claims his antibody killed Covid-19 instantly

US President Donald J. Trump
US President Donald Trump claims he’s immune to the coronavirus |Photo: Getty Image

October 10, 2020 (Thessherald)–The United States President, Donald J. Trump, has claimed that his strong immune system had killed the virus shortly after testing positive for the coronavirus earlier last week.

“I am feeling much better. The doctors said they’ve never seen a body kill the coronavirus like mine. They said my body was made to kill virus’s,” said Trump on social media. They tested my DNA and they said it wasn’t DNA, it was USA.


Trump alleged that if his opponent Joe Biden had tested positive for coronavirus, he would have died seven times by now.

“They said if Joe Biden had the virus he would have died several times by now. They said there is no way anyone with a body like mine could lose an election.”

However, despite earlier announcement that the U.S. President is feeling much better, The Trump administration is under criticism from the public for consistently dodging questions on when Trump’s recent negative COVID-19 test was.

Asked when Trump was tested negative last, “I don’t want to go backwards,” replied White House physician Sean Conley in a brief statement to the media.

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